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Four Taps is tap dance group specialize in modern and classical form of tap dance. It was formed in 2006 from ballet class DJKT led by Evženie Šteflová. Choreographer of the group is since its inception Marta Aulická.

The group from the very beginning regularly and successfully participating in Czech and International competitions and you can see it in many cultural and social events throughout the country.

Among the greatest achievements of the group include 1st place in Czech Tap Dance Championship 2009, title runner-up in Czech Tap Dance Championship 2009 and 2010 and 4th and 7th place World Tap dance Championship 2010.

The group has more than 40 dancers aged 15 to 50 years.

Part of the group operating in Prague (Taps Four courses under the leadership of Marta Aulická) and part in Pilsen (Lesson DJKT Ballet School,  under the guidance Evženie Šteflová).

Four Taps is a civic association, registered number: 26580578.

Since January 2011, Four Taps is member of the International Tap Association.
























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