Ing. Marta Aulická

Marta Aulická
Marta Aulická

I was impressed by tap dancing since I was a little girl. I knew that I had to learn it one day. During the primary and secondary school I was dancing wherever I could. I was attending ballet, hip-hop, disco or Latin dance lessons and was also performing regularly as a soloist or with various dance groups. Unfortunately, I did not find any tap dancing lesson in my place of residence.

I always wanted to dance. It was my dream. Fate, however, led me another way, so I graduated in economics from high school and university. When I moved to Prague because of the university, I immediately started to look for some tap dancing lessons. In the next six years I was attending various tap dancing schools and groups and finally decided that I wanted to go my own way. In 2005 I founded my own tap dancing classes FOUR TAPS in Prague and a year later with my former student Evženie Šteflová we founded FOUR TAPS group, which was - at that time - composed mostly of Evženie´s students she was teaching for many years at the Ballet School in Pilsen.

Since then I have been teaching in Prague and Pilsen, and I am a choreographer of FOUR TAPS group.

In 2010 I have opened a Tap dancing center FOUR TAPS, located in heart of Prague and the number of students has grown to more than 80 in Prague and about 50 in Pilsen. Satisfaction and enthusiasm of my students is my greatest reward and motivation, so in the beginning of 2011 I have changed my promising career as a commercial director for the tap shoes. Once again I have gone my own way and have fulfilled my childhood dream.


University, Banking Institute, Prague
Study: Banking Management, Finance
final state examination

Work experience

2006-2011 ANTEE Ltd., Prague
2005-2006 HAPPY HOUSE RENTALS, Ltd., Prague
2002-2005 IMPERIO REGERE, Inc., Prague
2001-2002 Deloitte & Touche, Prague
1999-2001 Financial Directory in Prague

Dance Education and Courses

2012 - Rehabilitation and health training course
2011 - Music and Movement Therapy - training course
2011 - Tap dance camp with Pascal Hulin
2011 - Tap Dance seminar - Milson S.
2006 - 2008 - Dance Centre, Conservatory, Study: Dance Pedagogy
since 2004 - Tap Dance Summer School, Klasterec N. O.
2006 - Roxane Butterfly (Francie, USA), Tap Dancing seminar
2005 – Dance Perfect, Jazz, Prague
2001 - 2004 – Tappy Dancers group, Prague
1999 - 2001 - Dance Perfect, Tap dance classes, Prague
1999 - 2000 - Aerobics Instructor, License "B" IFAA, Prague

Tap dancing instructor

teaching more than 80 students in Prague and about 50 in Pilsen,
children and adults, from beginners up to advanced tap dancers
since 2006, leading tap dance lessons in Prague and Pilsen
2006 - in collaboration with Evženie Šteflová foundation of FOUR TAPS group
2005 - opening FOUR TAPS tap dancing lessons in Prague
Since 2002 - teaching tap dancing


Since 2006, the choreographer of FOUR TAPS group

FOUR TAPS achievements

World Tap Dance Championship 2012
5th place - formation - Green Magic

Czech Tap Dance Championship 2012
silver medal - formation - Green Magic
bronz medal - duet
4th place - solo
9th place - small group

World Tap Dance Championship 2011
5th place - formation - On Board

Mistrovství ČR ve stepu 2011
bronz medal - solo female 
bronz medal - duet
bronz medal - formation - On Board
4th place - formation - Na stopě
5th place - small group - Hide U

World Tap Dance Championship 2010
4th place - children - Mon Ami
7th place - formation - Joy

Czech Tap Dance Championship 2010

silver medal - children - Mon Ami
silver medal - duet - Number 1
4th place - formation - Joy
5th place - small group - Impression

World Tap Dance Championship 2009

11th place - formation – Stepreotyp

Czech Tap Dance Championship 2009

silver medal - formation - Stepreotyp
gold medal - duo - Step up
4th place - trio - My sister loves trio

Czech Tap Dance Championship 2008

5th place - formation - Psychostepraphy

World Tap Dance Championship  2007  
8th place - formation - Basketball Match

Czech Tap Dance Championship 2007

4th place - formation - Basketball Match
4th place - duet - Step 4 fun 

Czech Tap Dance Championship 2006

4th place - formation - Metal Band

More information

2012 - Organization and choreography of STEP 4 FUN FESTIVAL in the Palmovkou Theatre, performing, Prague
2011 - Alfa Theater, Křesadlo - cooperation, choreography, Pilsen
2011 - Organization tap dance seminar with Pascal Hulin
2011 - Organization and choreography of STEP 4 FUN FESTIVAL in the Palmovkou Theatre, performing, Prague
2010 - Opening Tap dancing center in Prague
2010 - Organization and choreography of STEP 4 FUN FESTIVAL in the Palmovkou Theatre, performing, Prague
2007 - Organization and choreography of STEP 4 FUN FESTIVAL in Minor Theatre, performing, Prague
2006 - Vibration Vodafone, tap dancing choreography, performing in Prague, Brno
2004 - Minor Theatre, choreography, Kosmo, Prague
2004 - Fringe Festival, choreography, performing in Prague
2004 - Theatre, choreography, performing in Prague
2004 - Nivea TV commercials, performing, Prague

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